I’m a freelance writer from England l. I love word games, ball sports and orange flavoured chocolates. I like to live a life where I can laugh, learn and occasionally be quite spontaneous.

You could say that I’m flawed but motivated. I’m also raw and underrated. More importantly, I’m confident and ready to make statements.

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My blog is like this image, bitter and sweetly scattered around

The long interesting version:

Mr Tom Hanks. Yes! This is the more interesting version. How could you doubt me?! I loved that movie BIG but I didn’t know your attention span was so short lol (Big up to Mr Tom Hanks)

I really do like talking (out aloud) but since that can annoy people, I’ve turned to blogging!

Aside from talking (a lot) I’m a bit geeky. I love word games and anagrams! Additionally, I love tennis, football/soccer and I throw hoops from time to time.

I’m a millennial so I’m sure that’s going to put some people off giving my blog a chance but I’m a millennial who’s been taught to be kind, respectful and understanding so I hope you can give this little millennial a chance. I also think I’m funny and do laugh at my own jokes! To be fair, sometimes I have to ‘cos no one else does 🙄!

As we live in the life of throwing emojis out there my most used emojis are 🙄🙃👍 so you may read into that however you wish.

Every writer and their work has meaning but I really would have a good talking to with myself if I ever posted something that I genuinely didn’t feel had something of worth to offer to the reader. Sometimes I try to make people laugh, sometimes to explain/motivate or even to provoke a thought on a subject. I would feel utter embarrassment if I ever did post something that I felt was below par and therefore I don’t allow myself to post just for the sake of posting.

I guess in saying all of the above you might conclude that I overthink and maybe care about opinions? You’d be right!

I would like to think I contribute to society with more than just taxes but only time will tell haha! It’s an interesting life so I take interest in it.

I just can’t help myself. I love talking (as you can see) but in the same light, I absolutely thrive on the energy of learning whether it be about people, things or situations.

My blog allows me to talk about things in my life and the lessons that I learn. It’s of course ultimately with a view to maybe giving someone else a nugget of wisdom or a laugh that can improve their day.

The fact is even if you only give someone something positive that lasts for ONE second, you will still have impacted a part of their life positively in a way that they may not otherwise have had. That makes it worthwhile for me.

That’s me. I guess?!

If you would like a slice of this jolly goodness waltzing it’s way into your world, you can get in touch me via social media on Twitter and Instagram, or via this page.