New Year’s Eve, day and the day after

I’m not one for celebrating New Years. Not eve, the day or the prolonged week as some do. Never have been one to celebrate much of anything but I wouldn’t dampen anyone else’s partying. Personally, I see it as just another day except I have to note that people are all reminiscent of the previous 364 days and full of beans for the new calendar year ahead. That’s great! Genuinely, I’m happy for them. I am. Wherever they can draw happiness from in this era…. they should extract as much happiness from it while they can. In my case, if you want the reminiscing of the year or the goss about a party, or some delusional 2019 resolution…. I’m afraid I opt out. However, I can tell you the truth of my New Year’s Eve, day and the day after (which is today).

New Years Eve

So on New Year’s Eve, my Gramps ended up in A&E. We all thought he had an infection which thankfully he didn’t but he still had an unwanted trip to the hospital and was poked and prodded (albeit for his own good) which is never nice no matter how necessary. They sent him home and for some unknown reason, he wanted me to go buy him some pineapple. It was December after all and I was in quite a conundrum mentally because, I’m not sure an exotic summery fruit like a pineapple was something I’d find easily at my local German Supermarket. Anyway, off I went to find pineapple (fresh or tinned) and the below is what happened:

The chilled fruit, veg and salad section was empty

It was the last day of December so I wasn’t surprised. The fresh fruit section seemingly had everything but pineapples too.

Not a pineapple in sight but plenty of pears

Once I’d plodded over to the tinned section, I’d mentally prepared myself that this pineapple mission was probably going to get crushed. Needless to say, I get to the tinned fruits section and it’s not there. So, I just bought two cantaloupe melons instead. I don’t know why but it would have to do. Once I got to my granddad and told him I bought melons, he was skeptical about my “not finding pineapple” but I had genuinely wondered all around the store and there wasn’t a single type of pineapple option about!!! Anyway, that’s pretty much how the 31st of December transpired. Except, the naivety I had over a fairly early night. So, I went off to bed at 10pm and as soon as midnight struck, the fireworks were like a gun factory going off! I think the fireworks must’ve been cheap this year. I ended up going that pillow and eat squash thing. Obviously, it didn’t work. Happy New Year all!

New Years Day

Nothing really happened. There was a heated debate about lamb kebabs between myself, my brother and my dad. My mum was still recovering from the flu (she’s had it for a few days) and I think to shut us up, she asked me to go buy her some carrot juice. Off I toddled to Tesco (which was surprisingly open) and I found the carrot juice mission a snip compared to mission pineapple. My dad then started to feel unwell too and was grumpy. My brother started to cough now and again as well. I just know with experience that my family when unwell, in the first few days we all get in a grump. It’s best to steer clear but make sure the home is as clean as can be. My mum hates it when she sees a speck of dust and around 3pm on the 1st of January 2019 I observed that she was silently staring at a white rectangular tissue that had accidentally fallen on the floor so I picked it up before the flu grumpiness kicked in and we all got a lecture about hygiene and cleanliness. To be honest, it was a clean pocket tissue that had fallen out of someone’s pocket but my mother hates mess. It’s a good thing that she likes a clean house. I just don’t want to be in the vicinity if a cookie crumbles haha! My mum and dad both go through clean freak phases throughout the week. You just have to keep an eye out. My brother, he avoids all sweeping and cleaning unless it’s his room which he practically fumigates (okay, I’m exaggerating) every Saturday or Sunday. I’m more of an as and when cleaner. I empty the bin and change my bedsheets, do the laundry and vacuum but don’t do a heavy clear out until the season ends so I’ll have a spring clean, a summer one, an autumn one and if I feel like it, a winter one! I did this winter. Threw the mattress out. Didn’t realise it would be such a hassle to get the new mattress up the stairs though! Story for another time. Anyway, yep. That was the first day of January. Ordered a takeaway in and ate some chicken wings. Watched Tottenham Hotspur until I got bored and then fell asleep.

The day after New Years

The glint in people’s eyes has seemingly worn off. Not that I was fiercely staring but the spring in their step is more like a stone in their shoe. The wind in their sales is more like gas in their belly. The way the cookie crumbles is( was going to say all over the floor)… okay, I’ll stop. I’m not enjoying people not being happy. I want people to be happy. It’s just that I’m glad people have returned to a normalised zone of reality. I know that sounds kind of depressing and harsh but lots of people make promises, resolutions and swear to themselves about this, that or the other. Most people are being delusional and they fall off within a month (if that) and then feel like crap.

Another cafe. Another Latte. Another cake. Another year. Woohoo!

I’m just at another cafe with another latte (only have one or two a month haha), a very sugary orange and polenta cake and my beloved notepad. I don’t want to make myself any promises today. I just want to write this post and go for a power walk. Thirty minutes of speeding past the general public trying to make sure I don’t bump into anyone, whilst also attempting to clear my mind. I don’t know how it’ll go but off I go go go.

Happy New Year ladies and gents! Make it a good one…. lol

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