Lacking Inspiration. Getting it back.

Getting excited again about writing (in any form not just in a blog) has honestly taken a while. I don’t think that I ever did genuinely lose interest or that raw motivation in the deepest breadth of my oceanic heart, but, I lost something. My identity? My passion? My relentless ranting ability? I don’t know what I lost but today, I genuinely feel excited again.

Blogger or 9 to 5? Same issues.

When a blogger says that they lost themselves its just the same as a worker doing a 9 to 5 saying they got bored. I wasn’t truly excited about what I was writing. I wrote and I ranted for the purpose of writing. The worst thing you can do when you’re in that struggle is not write. Writing yourself out of the ruddy rut is the way to go. I haven’t published everything that I’ve written and sometimes I’ve been so disappointed that I’ve deleted paragraphs worth of content. I suppose if I were to be totally honest , I lost a little bit of inspiration.

The path to success

Ok. To say that the following was a path to success is very exaggerated however, it was a mini win for me today. So my mini win came from the fact I embarked upon a walk today. A long walk. I didn’t want to think about the walk in any other way than a simple walk. I didn’t even know where I was going! I knew my starting position but the end point was written in the grey clouds. I didn’t want to take pictures. I didn’t want to try and find inspiration. I just wanted to put one foot in front of the other and see where this path would take me. Now having been on the walk I have realised I could have taken a few nice pictures but it was nice just taking in the view, the air and the quiet in my mind. Ultimately, it’s given me my mojo back so no regrets.

Where was I walking? I was walking past a canal and I’d walked past this particular canal before (perhaps twice) but I had only gotten to a certain point before deciding to go back. On this occasion, I walked a little further and I found some restaurants, some nice apartments and a bunch of busy people walking down by the canal. I even saw a cyclist who I gave way to under a bridge section and she thanked me. I think she smiled but it was dark so I’m not sure. If she did smile she was the only person who did on that walk! Although, I don’t mind because the slightly chilly air and the wonderful walk did more for my motivation than any number of google searches or questions to others would have. I didn’t need research. I needed to refresh.

Mojo bojo

So for all of my thinking and refreshed air, it’s counterintuitive to write such a small post however, it’s also nice to sometimes write a post with an updated status on the Blogger. I always like to read how other bloggers are doing in themselves and not just their content. The reason we read anything at all is to learn new things about people or situations, and to absorb the words beyond the ink (or the screen) to make our own minds up about whatever it is.

I’m doing fine. I’m positively pursuing my path in life and taking the knock backs on the chin. It’s character building anyway!

I hope you are all doing well. All enjoying the November air (whatever that consists of wherever you are) and looking forward to every day that you get to live because life is short, every day is a blessing and we don’t realise it but we have blessings upon blessings all around us.

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