I can’t convince you

There are a whole bunch of things I would like other people agree with me on. I’m talking about my dreams, my passions and my opinions, and so on. The issue is the society we live in is selfish. I am selfish. People are selfish. I can admit that though. I am a flawed human being or to put it in a kinder fashion, I am a work in progress. I find it very difficult to listen to people who claim to be ‘accomplished’ or the ‘real deal’ because we’re all flawed.Even if we’ve seemingly perfected a certain aspect of our lives, there’s always something that can be improved.

The world is your oyster. Ever heard that phrase? I’ve never really liked it (but I don’t lose my rag when someone uses it) or have I ever chosen to use it myself in all honesty. In my opinion, the world ain’t my oyster because is every opportunity in the world available to me?! That’s BS. Of course not! That’s a myth. Circumstances, finances and timing eliminate a lot of opportunities.  In saying that, the world may not be my oyster but I sure don’t want to be stuck in the shell!

There is something that really gets on my nerves and that is people not being prepared to agree to disagree. If you can’t agree with me than I’m happy to disagree with you. If you can give me the same courtesy back then that would be all fine and dandy. You don’t need to raise your voice and I don’t need to prepare an uppercut. We can just agree to disagree….. like adults.

I know this sounds like a rant and maybe, just maybe, that might just be what it is but I have had a frustrating few days. I’m fine now but I’m still carrying some angst. Time is a great healer of many things. I’m sure one of those things is angst.

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