Nine months is a long time

Who’s a little 90’s bubba?! #ninetieskid

Below you shall find a little something I wrote a few weeks ago but just as it was true nine months previous to the day I wrote it, the same sentiment will be true each and every day. So grab a cup of tea, relax your mind and just ease into a few minutes to be free, to sip a little sweet tea and to enjoy something written by little ol’ me…. once I’d grown up obviously 🙄

The timing of it all

Nine months is a long time

A long time to learn a lesson (or two)

I came to learn of your importance

How much I truly needed you

You have made me think

You sure know how to make me cry

Every now and then you’d tell an awful joke

And I couldn’t help but smile

I made you back to back promises

I listened to your revolving thoughts

I let you get in my head

I let you find the reasons for ‘because..’

Here’s the annoyance

The confusion of it all

Who is the idiot?!

Why don’t you name them once and for all?!

It’s not that easy

Talking about someone so close

Who am I talking about?!

Myself of course!


Remember that as long as you’re happy or at least making decisions in your life to be happy then others will also follow in that way. Before anyone wants to give love and make others great, have love and be great!

Before I let you go though I just want to share a video that I saw on YouTube and it made my day. I just think she’s quite funny and makes some valid points, and it also ties in with the message I’m trying to share in this post so today my shoutout goes to Amy Young courtesy of randomly seeing this video titled “How to finally quit comparing yourself to other people”

One little (cheeky) favour…..

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You know you want to because I want you to so basically that means you want to, right?!


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