Split Second Decisions


There are so many times in life where you will find a multitude of reasons not to do something. For each of those reasons you’ll find a bunch other blockers (or so you think) that prevent you from taking action. Guys, here’s the thing, there’s usually not a single one of those things that can’t be moved. It could be moved to another time in the day, another week or delegated out but because of your anxiety in that split second, the enthusiasm gets drained. You think that it has to be you who takes care of things or (whatever it is) it has to be done at 10.30 in the morning! Why?! You may even know in your subconscious that it’s not even necessary. The issue is since you’re so used to doing it that way, you find it difficult to let go because it is a part of your habit. It’s your default. Defaults CAN be adjusted and although habits are hard to kick kick them you can!

What happened to that good idea?

How many times has a good idea popped into your head and you’ve already amassed a checklist full of ‘reasons‘ of why you CANNOT do it? It’s sure happened to me. Usually in the back of my mind, I know that I can manoeuvre around those things but because of habit and conforming to the expectations that were built for and around me, I caved in. I caved in for no other reason than to think I was pleasing others but I found that to be honest, they weren’t pleased at all and I was falling so short of my potential. I was so saddened that I was embarrassed to walk the streets knowing that I could do so much better. Again a thought all in my own head but this one was powerful enough to make me proactive in making changes.

People who hate and judge

In my hometown there are a lot of good people. Good people who have good hearts roam all around this town but there are some people I can’t deal with. That’s going to be true irrespective of where you lay your roots but you deal with the hand that you’re dealt with, don’t you? Now, admittedly I am someone who cares what people think about me. I just do. I hate it, loathe it even, when I see people judging me. You could say that I’m being hypocritical by judging them judging me but I’m always the reactionary person and not the initiator. I try to at the very least hold a civil face but mostly I try to smile when I see people because your smile may be the only one that person sees all day. That kindness could be the only bit of kindness they get that whole day. However those people who judge me on my looks, my dress sense and my footwear….. well, I don’t really give a rats ass about that. That’s hit and miss no matter where or who you are. I hate it though when certain people look at my height, my speech pattern, my ethnicity, my skin tone, their perceived estimate of what my education has been (or perceived lack of), my family background and the way I might be acting in THAT moment to paint a full picture of who I am. Those people then feel the need to make that two second observation and then make a comment on me as if I were an actual painting!

dreamstime_s_47585023People who want to make me feel like I’m lesser than them and who feel they are superior to me only motivate me to be the best that I can be. The funny thing is I find it so much more satisfying to know that I have all these strengths and positive traits that they think I haven’t the capacity or capability, or more insultingly the intelligence to hold. They think that I’m basically an idiot and I know I’m not. That’s the biggest thrill because I have that self assurance now in my mid-twenties that they haven’t succeeded in throwing off. My advice is to never let a good idea fail because others hate on it, never!

The way the world works

This does bother me and is a fact of the way the world works. There are people who are going to hate and find ways to tarnish your work with negative comments. I don’t understand how it is that in a world full of people and ambitions, how can anyone close their mind to a scenario that only best fits their mindset? If a derogatory remark or cynical comment gives someone a thrill or if making someone feel insecure makes them happy, that individual need to take a good hard look at themselves. The best moments and memories are those with created with people that you love , cherish and enjoy the company of. You won’t get many friends acting like a narrow-minded idiot because all of your so called friends will be too. Just like you will run when the going gets tough, in return they’ll do the same for you.

The ‘M’ Word

Motivated. Getthing things done.
Getting things done and that accomplished feeling gives you more motivation.

Where motivation sits in your mind is the biggest teller of all because motivation shouldn’t sit, it should be like a massive neon light always on the buzz! I know that it is going to flicker sometimes but the great thing is while there’s a flicker and while there is capability to make change, you can progress. The accountability for how you keep motivating yourself is at your door. The raw basics of motivation come from within. Sometimes you need a helping hand, of course you do. Human beings have other human beings around on this planet for a reason. Just because we sit around staring at a TV or YouTube doesn’t mean that’s what our fellow people are for. We’re not supposed to stare at them or judge them! We can learn from them, yes but not act as sole judgement chiefs, as if we have the power to judge. We have to look at ourselves to see how we can  become better as individuals, and as societies of people. We are supposed to interact and help each other. But whether I choose to follow my ambitious self or be a withdrawn soul is my choice. That responsibility is in my power.

One small good decision will lead to another good decisions and another, and so on. Eventually it’ll be hard to remember all of the ones in between but you’ll remember the first few that were the hardest to mentally get up and do, and they will be a constant motivation for the rest of your life. Imagine having a box of nostalgia that you could tap into for free, whether you’re at home, at work, in a snowstorm or in a desert, and it will give you a boost that no amount of money or therapy could buy you. The greatest thing isn’t that it’s free but it’s that it came from YOU.

Moving up the ladder

Whether it’s a career or a personal progression you are looking to make, the key factors always factor in around your mental, physical and emotional state. One thing that I am always fascinated by is even if two of those things are failing you, building yourself up in one will automatically by the laws of nature build you up in the others. That’s a beauty and a gift from the universe to us. I am a spiritual person too so including that with my physical, mental and emotional health, it’s not too dissimilar to four friends who just want to support each other. They all struggle at times but the intention is to rise together. Even if one is towering above the other, they’re going to lend a hand to pull the other one up. With patience and perseverance, at some point the one from the bottom will surpass the one at the top. The roles reverse and they go again. It’s a healthy mindset and it keeps you striving in a positive, hopeful and loving growth.

In essence….

The questions will continue to be thrown our way and the answers will change as will the people with the times. The facts won’t always be facts and opinions may one day become fact. Some things will always be the same and other realities will evaporate. Fashion trends will be set and modernity will become history, and the history will return as modernity…. All I know is that I’m active in chasing my dreams, the question is are you?

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