My Secret Life in Used Bookstores

“Well worth a read. I stumbled across this post by a blogger named Dan Douglas. Initially I thought the name was cool so I continued on reading and unearthed this gem in the blogosphere.

I feel like this is one of those things I would do haha! Perhaps not in my current working environment because I have to concentrate for long periods so I can’t just up and leave! However I understand what the writer is saying though and I appreciate it. As a reader if I’m intrigued and I can then resonate with the content on a personal level… I’m sold. This was one of those articles. I didn’t need to articulate the content because it was already articulate and also artsy enough in the topic for me to appreciate the quality. I think the quality is in the topic and writers don’t always delve into that (in my opinion) so it was nice to stumble upon this on a rainy morning, All in all I enjoyed this piece very much.”

Daniel Douglas' Blog



Sometimes I go to the bookstore if the day is getting long at work. Does my boss know this? No, but he wouldn’t mind if he did know. I get my work done. But I keep these visits to myself is because it’s nice to have something to keep to myself; I pick up my keys slowly so those around me can’t hear jingling, which is always a tell that someone is leaving, and go through a side entrance. Usually it’s anywhere between 10-11AM, when the sun is just right in the sky, about the same time as the quiet period before the lunch rush, when people are going to dentist appointments.

This time of day and situation is important because it matches the idealized version I have in my head of this trip to the bookstore. In the ideal version the sun is out, the air has a…

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