When things stop making sense

When do things make sense?


Every now and again things make sense. What I have learned is that we spend most of our lives trying to figure things out because things don’t make sense to us. There’s nothing wrong with that. I think that’s what makes life that much more interesting but it’s very rare where you’ll find that things actually make some sort of coherent sense. We’re not talking complete sense! Just some sort of sense. Something logical that makes sense. That moment could perhaps only last a few seconds but for me I’m always ready to snapshot those instances because I don’t know when they’ll come again. Always enjoy those moments if they’re happy and if the reality of those moments is sad then learn from them. The biggest lessons learned can come from the shortest of moments.

Right now, I’m trying to tidy my life up a bit. There are a few too many loose ends and a few too many unknowns. It’s making me nervous. So while today is Friday and I honestly don’t feel like I have completed this beast of a task, I do feel like I have made progress. I am very much focusing into the bigger picture rather than the short term window.

How do I make sense of it all?

rubix cube -pexels-photo

That’s a good question. I’m not sure I do. Sometimes life is sort of like looking at a rubik’s cube. If you put in the time and study the cube (just as you would study in life) then you will understand the way it works. You just have to start somewhere and then keep going. However, at other times real life works a little differently. You might find that in reality snippets make sense and big whole snaps don’t. I think that’s more true than false, especially for me. At the moment I am working by day in an office environment and by night (and any other free time) pursuing my personal ambitions. It takes its toll. It honestly does. But my ambitious soul and my refute to the doubters is so intense that I need to make things work. There are people who have doubted and do doubt me and my strive for success above the normal threshold. I’m not greedy but I don’t see why I should be held back by a barrier that instigates that “People like me only get so far” and quite frankly…. I don’t buy into it.

If I am honest I did have a bit of a difficult day earlier this week. I was far from feeling in tip-top shape and someone noticed. I really didn’t want them to notice. I tried my best to keep myself to myself but someone who noticed was kind and offered a few wise words. It meant a lot. Needless to say this was one of those days where at the beginning things did not make a lot of sense but then the kindness of a stranger put things back into perspective. It’s like someone cleaned the lens and all of a sudden I could make sense of what was blurred before. Never underestimate the kindness of strangers. You should be aware of strangers and the dangers of strangers but also be aware that there are people with decent intentions still out there (as much as the world makes us think otherwise) and they do care. The smallest ounce of decency in some kind words meant a lot to me that day. If I see that person again I will repay the kindness with some kind words or maybe a coffee if/when I see them again.

The analogy to make this make sense (or not)

I’ve got to be honest. I love to make analogies. I think I picked it up at school with teachers (particularly biology and history teachers) making really bad comparisons but I think that’s where my inspiration to become an analogical soul came from. I find that my blog post is a bit naked if I don’t find a space for an analogy somewhere among the babble. I mean I could make a post full of analogies from paragraph to paragraph! I love comparing things but I hate it when people compare me to other people. I was once compared to Shakespeare and I really did not see the comparison. I still don’t to be honest. Anyway I do love an analogy so without further ado….Hope within a tired mind can flicker like a flame that just about stays alight in the wind. I am a very hopeful person. Sometimes I am so hopeful it is actually to my detriment. It makes rejection hurt that little more. Although I have always bounced back pretty quickly it doesn’t mean to say that I don’t get the initial hurt though. It’s like I’m always sitting on a bed of fireworks. If I realize that I am in a position where those fireworks are about to be lit I get back up and run again. The only time it is safe to sit on those fireworks is when I am in control and I have the matchstick. If I get so down in the dumps that I lose that matchstick then I have no choice but to get up, to run and to go as fast as I can again!

To today, the future and beyond

Going forward today I’m going to post this post. After that I’m going to open the post that came through the mail. Next on the list I am going to check my emails. Moving on from checking my inbox I’m going to email my workplace with regards to a wage issue. Talking of wages I’m going to fill in my time-sheet so I get paid when payday comes around. Thinking about payday I’m going to dream about all the things I’m going to spend my pay on but in reality they are not the things I am going to spend my pay on! And finally I’m going to list all the expenses of this month and sit down with a nice cup of tea (I hate tea) before I get on with some reading for my day job so I am prepared for next week. Preparation is key but so is having the skill of adaptation. Things don’t always go to plan and I have learned that flexibility in thinking is just as key as preparation. Learn it from me before the real world teaches you the harsh way (A little bit of advice for everyone).

Hopefully everyone has a wonderful Friday and fantastic weekend. Be kind to yourself this weekend. Be positive. Be hopeful. Be optimistic. Just be happy.

Note: The inspiration for this post was a great book by Michael Brooks called ’13 Things That Don’t Make Sense’ It sent me into a spiral of thinking about how things simply don’t make sense! A song called ‘Stop this Train’ is also mildly responsible for this post because of how the lyrics resonate with life being a journey where sometimes things just don’t make sense. Sometime I want someone to stop this train! Sometimes one must be smart enough not to get on the train but that’s a whole other blog post……

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