Blissfully broke


This is a post that will entail the good things about being as broke as a one winged bird! I hope that you find some solace in it and some humour now and again.

The good aspects of being broke

  1. You can bail out on social gatherings that your friends invite you to (that you don’t want to go to) by using your empty pockets as an
  2. You become resourceful in ways you never knew how. Your cupboard is now the scavengers hunting ground! Food past it’s sell by date is now more than fine. Vouchers in your wallet that you forgot to throw away are now like golden tickets.refrigerator-1619676_1920
  3. You can dream about all the things you’re going to buy when you’re no longer broke. It’s a game you play. I mean maybe you can buy a Ferrari in your next job ???!!! Who knows?car-1281698_1280
  4. Your thinking brain is enhanced. You’re thinking about your decisions more because a lot of things are inaccessible at the moment such as the gym. Your new gym is free and it’s the park. Funny that you don’t need a treadmill to run! Guess what??!! When the weather is good the sun is your sauna too! The park is also a hell of a lot less competitive. I’m a lot less intimidated by the man chasing after his dog than I am by those gym beasts! But then again sometimes I’m more intimidated by the dog! Just do a dog check every now and again. I mean if you do see a scary dog and you have to run well at least you’ll know you had a good workout!!dog-32026_1280
  5. You’ll find a clarity now where there was confusion before. The variety in choices are eliminated and you must abide by a rule book, the broke people’s book.rules-1752415_1920
  6. An old magazine or a newspaper is your best friend. Trust me! I like a quiz or a crossword so when I’m looking to relax I go to find the puzzles in old newspapers. I do it regardless of how healthy my bank balance is that week. Keeps an active mind. It’s all about passing time when both unemployed and broke. I’m sure lots of people will agree. Sure you should be searching for work but you need a break sometimes. Applications are long and after you’ve gone through a gazillion searches and made a million applications you do get disillusioned so a break is more than necessary.newspaper-412452_1920
  7. You know who your friends are. The REAL friends. You’ll find that certain ‘friends’ are now suddenly distant so you’ll know who your real friends are now.pinky-swear-329329_1920
  8. Free internet at the mall! Sure you may not have internet at home but guess where you can get wi-fi? At the shopping mall or around a pals house. Like I say though your real friends will shine bright at this point.wifi-640404_1920
  9.  Can’t communicate with your mates? Well if you haven’t reached the point at which you need to sell your smartphone then you can WhatsApp your friends and family or snapchat them.twitter-292994_1920

This is the end of part one and I hope that somewhere among what I believe are real blissful gains, that you find parts you agree with. Part two can be found on Modern Cultural Reject so go check it out guys! There’s nothing quite like drowning in your own sorrows as a writer. It’s a healthier obsession than a lot of other things in my humble opinion. My blog is where I literally let loose…. with my words. Feel free to comment to let me know what you think and I hope you are having a happy, fulfilling and awesome day!.

Also you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram. You know you can’t live without a humour this good!!!

After editing thought: I’m always thinking and quite frankly, it’s quite simply a strange life, one week you can afford the most expensive coffees in town and the next a water bottle would be great. Funny old world….I laugh. I really do. 

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