Can I get my mojo back?

I am not who I was but I’m not a completely different individual either. It’s easier to talk about how I feel but managing those feelings is still a trait I’m trying to master. I’m still an optimist but now with a tinge of scepticism occasionally….. I wonder if things are as I’m told. I’m more interrogative of the journey of life where as before I would only question things if I was directly involved. I’m quite emotional now but in times gone by I would keep that side of me tucked away in the corners of my heart and mind. Basically nowadays it’s easier to get a tear from me (I wasn’t a cold person before as I have always sympathised but now my sympathy has an enhanced level where it produces tears!). I used to have this ”mojo” this way about the way I thought, a naive innocence and clarity that I don’t currently have. Was it just a part of my childhood and teen years? Did growing up mean I lost it? Does society promote adulthood where an adult cannot be outwardly enthusiastic? Or has my mojo simply laid dormant for a while? Perhaps it waits for me to rekindle the fire and get that magic mojo moving in the right direction again!

I’m still trying to figure it out…..




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