Coffee and cake at a cafe

Coffee is not something I love and neither is cake. I do however like the combination of a sweet cake and a bitter coffee. If I venture out to the supermarket I don’t really buy coffee and I don’t really buy cake so if I am to have either or both then it would be at a cafe, preferably a nice quiet calm relatively inexpensive café.

The issue is it is quite expensive to dine at a café and although I can quite happily eat alone I do like to have company for coffee and cake. Sitting and eating alone can be lonely. It shouldn’t be. I know that especially considering that I quite like my own company but when people stare at me sitting alone and eating cake, I feel like I’ve done something wrong. I obviously haven’t but their looks disgruntle my enjoyment of that experience. I’m also not best pleased when the noise travels above a certain threshold, say above the sound of background noise or someone typing. If I find loud music, stomping staff and creaky floors accompanying my coffee then I really do wish I hadn’t bothered. If I have a friend with me I am part of the noise so then it probably bugs someone else instead!

More recently my problem with the coffee at the big chains has been the inconsistency in the strength or how sweet it is when they throw the syrup in. I can have it without the syrup but on occasion I like to add a little hazelnut syrup. It really winds me up though when I can’t taste it but winds me a hell of a lot more if it’s all I can taste! When the barista is making my coffee, he/she warms the milk and then literally chucks in the coffee! They throw it in like a towel in a boxing match! I don’t see the pride in their work or some sort of measurement control measure. It’s like when they give vaccinations at school the nurse moves from one sorry kid to another not even stopping to make eye contact…. I don’t expect royal treatment but when it’s not busy a little more care wouldn’t go amiss.

Cake is a right rip-off at most coffee shops in my opinion. I don’t dare buy cake to take home because I don’t want to be having such a calorific and sweet dessert everyday. It’s too tempting and I’m easily tempted. I know that sugar is not a humans best friend so it’s a problem considering that I do indeed have a sweet tooth. I do try to keep some measures on my eating habits though just because I feel better that way.

My main problem at the minute seems to be that the coffee is inconsistent in quality and paying more doesn’t always mean a better coffee. It’s so disappointing looking forward to a treat of a coffee and a cake when it costs almost as much as people earn for an hour of honest work only, not only that but to find that it’s not as smooth or as velvety as promised. The cakes do seem to be in good shape most of the time, moist and rich but they are extremely big in my opinion and also unnecessarily expensive.

To conclude, I think I might actually buy coffee and cake from now on from the supermarket. It’s a u-turn. I know it’s contradictory. There may be a hint of hypocrisy. The thing is ( I have a legitimate and worthwhile reason) it will be cheaper and if the quality of the coffee is poor it will only be myself that I blame. I may even learn to perfect a variety of coffees. Who knows? I might even start baking cakes….maybe? Probably not. Making coffees though, yes.

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