Knowing when to throw in the towel….

So you can pick a new clean one up. Sometimes a particular journey/assignment/period will have run its course. It’s taken the most it can out of you and you’ve given the most you can until you’re beat. Carrying on sometimes can hurt you mentally, physically or emotionally (or all three) and therefore, you have to stop. If you want to follow your own path then at some point you might have to stop and take a diversion. It may feel wrong because it means sacrificing things but it’s necessary.

Pursuing a dream is like a farmer chasing a thief who comes at the same time every day, but the farmer only has a modest bike and the thief has a flash motorbike. He works hard every day to get by and this thief comes every day to steal the fruits of his hard work. The scumbag (thief) comes at the same time but he’s faster and stronger than this elderly farmer. By the time the farmer notices him the thief is either about to jump on his motorbike or the stuff is already gone! How does this relate to pursuing dreams? I will explain… You have to work hard to chase dreams. Unless you have a decent stock saved in the bank you have to earn to get by and to give yourself a REAL shot at pursuing your dreams. Maybe you need a laptop or a camera, perhaps you need a car to commute which in turn that means you need petrol. To just exist you need to eat too and of course keep yourself clean. None of these things come for free! The thief in this scenario is every outgoing that you have and the farmer is you. I’m not sure this analogy is the best but farmers are notoriously hard workers with great work ethics and they have a no-nonsense approach to getting things done. The thief’s are notorious for taking things so I aligned the expenses/outgoings to the thief because that money will be gone (Except for you the money is still gone but you get to keep the fruits of your hard work).

I don’t always agree with jumping ships or walking away but sometimes it is necessary. I’m analyzing my ship at the minute and the one either side of me. It’s tough to know what is right for me mentally, physically and financially, but I know that what I have is not right for me mentally and financially so if two things are going south than I have to make a decision to go north. I think I know my decision but if you have the same kind of concerns and you know your decision, let me know in the comments.

(This post is really just a random thought I had and it doesn’t fit into my last few blogs. I however, am thinking in writing. Sometimes it is nice to do that.)

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