Nobody cares!

You’re having an off day and nobody cares. Even you begin to wonder and want to give up! People don’t reply to your emails. Every phone call you make rings out or you’re only ever greeted by the flaming answering machine! You have an upset stomach and haven’t a dime in your pocket because the last month was expensive! What do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO?!

This has happened to most of us at one point or another. A lot of people are going through the same thing all around the world yet when it happens to you it feels like you are the only one.

I guess the best thing to do is to try to see the bigger picture. If you can be that person who can see the bigger picture in tough times you are mastering one of the most difficult things in life! When you only see the problems then you’ll think of problems that don’t exist or make more for yourself. When I had a job that ended a while ago I was so angry that all of a sudden my income was gone and my career was following a whole other path that I did not want. I graduated. I did what they told me to do! All I could see was all the false promises and I’m not saying that today everything is perfect but I’m content. If anything my dreams are bigger and because they’re bigger maybe I’m further from them but I am trying to make them a reality. It’s hard. I work a full-time job. I want to be fit and healthy so I like to try to take care of myself. I want to make sure I am available to the people around me when they need me. I want to make my dreams come true. I don’t want to lose myself or cause unnecessary fallout in my journey along the way. I am just going to keep knocking on doors and putting my name in the hat so I can have a shot at it. Nobody said it was easy. I really don’t want to quote Coldplay at this point but if you get what I’m saying then you get it.

The days of walking up to the man in a suit and putting forth a pitch of how awesome you will be in that job are all but gone (almost always). I reckon if I had to do a cold pitch and someone listened I wouldn’t do a bad job. You have to make an application and then answer a load of questions at an interview. Sometimes you can’t even pitch for yourself at an interview because they want answers within the guidelines they question you. You can’t showcase your personality and how you would be an asset because they only want a yes or as a no. They want an elaboration on your past experiences but to be honest the questions seem like they are reworded. It can be incredibly annoying. I often think that if the interviewer used their intelligence the answer to question nine could have been found in a few of the other questions. The worst scenarios are when you turn up to an interview for a position that requires communicating face to face but your positive attitude is taken as ‘too exuberant’ or when you turn up for a more subdued post but then you’re ‘too quiet.’ I understand that in this day and age you have to be cautious however, there’s something to be said for taking someone at face value especially if their attitude and/or their experiences back that up.

I’m not giving up so lets take on this stormy sea in the same boat. We’ll all be seasick together and enjoy the fish suppers together. I’m happy to be unhappy some days as long as you’re unhappy to give up on being happy.

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