Chasing dreams and dreaming about the chase.

Chasing your dreams is initially a decision over a mindset. It means that you’re going to have a very positive outlook and be really resilient. It requires the mettle to make sacrifices which simply have to be made. The fear that consumed you now must be the force that drives you.  Initially it is one decision but soon there are many more.

Matters become more pressing. The decisions you were mulling over are now an immediate deadline and must be made. All of a sudden you have to and are giving up on a lot of stuff. Money may become tighter so you must eat a very basic diet and it’s absolutely necessary to give up the luxuries. No more coffee at Costa or Starbucks! No more takeaways! These are all things that you don’t need. You will survive without them. The gym membership is cancelled as your new free gym is the local park. Your focus (apart from your dream) is to strive and to actually save on your bills, perhaps by layering in the cold or simply turning the switches off when things are not in use. It’s hard and the withdrawal symptoms might hit you hard. You have to maintain vision of the long term goal in mind. That is the only way your focus will stay strong. If you let your mind wonder and stray, have no doubt because you will wonder and you will stray! Keep your targets and the vision of success firmly in your daily mental preparation. Remind yourself every day.

The sacrifices don’t only involve money but there are people too. You may have to give up some (or the majority) of your social life for quite some time. Why? Because you need to focus on preparing your work, actively chasing and realising your dreams. It’s going to mean that you’re stuck in thinking mode for long hours and you can’t afford distractions. Your real friends will support you and they will understand. It doesn’t mean that you don’t turn up to your best friends wedding but if there’s a casual dinner (with acquaintances you barely know) then it’s not so hard to say no. Make an excuse and use that time for your work. It’s going to be difficult and it means you might miss out on the banter between your mates but regrets are no fun. You probably will need put your phone into silent mode. Some people switch to an old flip-phone! If people really do need to get in touch with you then they will call you. You don’t need to be extreme by getting yourself an old phone but hanging around on Facebook or Twitter for lengthy hours is time you are wasting. Time you won’t get back and time you could have used to pursue your ambitions.

I haven’t alluded to anything that common sense doesn’t provide humans with. However, sometimes reading it is the affirmation that you need. It’s an honest account of the fact that chasing dreams is hard but it’s also an indication of how sweet success is. If it is this demanding to get to your goal then just imagine how enjoyable reaching your target will be. Success that is earned honestly and with hard graft is so satisfying. It’s a contentment in itself. Remember that first paycheck you worked serving grumpy customers or the degree you sweated nights out to get? Coming home sweaty and disillusioned about the day that has now disappeared into your history…. when you know that you have to be up and out by 6.30am the next morning! It’s a sinking feeling and it sucks!! I remember. I know. Those feelings of fatigue that make you want to cry are hard but then the rewards of persevering make it all worth while. Lets face facts most of the good moments in our life were exactly that. Moments. Those memories are the same things we hold onto to make more sweet memories. It’s a long time cooking before you get to eat but it doesn’t mean you’ll never make another long dinner because you can’t savour it for long enough. Like I say we live for the moments. The hard graft is part of the deal. You either buy into it to earn the rewards or you fall away watching what could have been….Who would you rather be????

I know who I want to be.

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